By Caitlin Rangel

The 2017 school year has started, and Pin Oak has new electives such as Mathematical Art, Marine Biology, and iPhone Programming. Marine Biology is where students learn about underwater pilots and research scientists. Students get an overview of the fields of marine biology, oceanology, and ocean engineering. Mathematical Art is the place to make drawings, sculptures, computer aided designs, and pieces of music using math. iPhone Programming is where students go to find out more about their iPhones and learn to program with Objective-C, Interface Builder, and XCode on the iPhone and iTouch’s unix-based operating system.

Students have mixed feelings about the new electives. Lyumila Yankovskaya said,” The new electives are very interesting to me because I love learning and math is my favorite subject and I love art and I think that Mathematical Art was a great idea.” Joselyn Lwigale claims,” I think the new electives are kind of boring and I wish we had more electives that are up to date, like songwriting.” On the other hand, Falaq Rivzi said, “I can see why some students wouldn’t like some of the new electives because students aren’t really that interested in Mathematical Art and people nowadays are invested in social media and phones so the administrators and students have to meet in the middle.” Daniela Arancibia said,” I wish they had a gaming elective where you can play video games and talk about them with other people.” Caitlyn Hsu commented with,” Some of the electives are not that appealing to me, and we need to consider the fact that students are worried about school and  that we have 7 hours of learning for 5 days and that we need a break of thinking and have electives that make us want to come to school and do something that interests us and doesn’t bore us for the hour and a half we have in that class.” Esha Sharma said,”I personally don’t like the new electives and it doesn’t matter that much to me.” Do the students of Pin Oak Middle School think that the new electives were a good idea or do they need to think of new elective ideas? The students of Pin Oak have mixed feelings about the new electives and Pin Oak can’t resolve this issue without students getting angry.