By Michael Hall

After 9 years of headcanons and fanfictions, we finally see what was between Episode III and the original Star Wars. Despite the fact that the new Star Wars movies and spin-off shows may be more child-friendly, Rogue One is a dark movie with a gritty feel to it. With these factors, will Rogue One be able to compete with The Force Awakens? Heads up, SPOILER ALERT.


PLOT: 10/10 – While the advertised story is about obtaining the plans to the Death Star, the true story is about the lead character, Jyn Erso. From a young age, we see her lose her parents as one becomes an Empire scientist, and the other is shot. After a timeskip, we see her lose the man who raised her. When the Rebels assault an Empire facility, we see her father get shot. During the final scene, an assault on the project archives, we see her friends slowly die, until she eventually dies along with her final friend.


DIALOGUE: 9/10- Throughout the movie, the dialogue is emotional and gripping, right until the very end. This is almost the opposite of The Force Awakens, as the first 10 minutes of the movie was almost entirely small talk. Despite the amazing dialogue, K-2SO’s (the robot) dialogue was comprised almost entirely of bad jokes that were awkwardly placed in the middle of every conversation. However, some of the most iconic Star Wars lines were worked into the script in some form or way.


CAST: 8/10: Despite a solid cast, not every character could be recreated perfectly because of inconveniences. For Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia, actors were used to capture the voices and their motions. Afterwards, animators used CGI to recreate the iconic faces. Even though almost none of the original cast was usable, Erik Bauersfeld was used for the voice of Admiral Ackbar, and James Earl Jones was used for the voice of Darth Vader.
FINAL RATING: 9/10- While the new Star Wars movies are aimed to be more family-friendly, Rogue One is definitely a dark movie that breaks Disney’s family-friendly formula, a move much appreciated by the older fans of Star Wars. Despite the casting controversy, Rogue One is still an amazing movie that gives us some insight to the events that set the original movie in motion.