By Jackson Osteen

Everyday, administrators and staff here at Pin Oak go hard at work to make your everyday life better. But, the truth is, how much about these people do we actually know? In this article, we’ll talk to each of the house clerks to learn more about where they’re from.

First is Mrs. Newhouse, the House B clerk. She was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She then moved to Houston and has been working for HISD since August. Her favorite memory at Pin Oak was getting to know the office workers and staff when she first arrived.

The second is Mrs. Vasquez, who was born and raised in Houston. She has been working for HISD on and off for about 6 years. She enjoys watching the office workers gain self confidence, especially when they learn to take responsibility and deliver notes by themselves.

Finally is Mrs. Castillo, the House A clerk. She has been working for HISD for 6 years. Her favorite memory is two years ago when the staff participated in a scavenger hunt, which worked as a team building activity. She loved getting to know her colleagues in  a fun experience.