By Jenna Mark

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes is a book that has enticed many and spiraled out into a best-selling six book series. It all starts with the death of a peasant in the hands of a royal, which triggered the events that altered the course of three nations. Through war, death, betrayals, and hatred, our 4 heroes have to find out who they really are and how they will use that knowledge to find what they need, the Kindred – four crystals that wield unlimited power and can corrupt anyone. What remains unanswered though, is who deserves them the most.

Cleo. The stubborn princess who is used to getting everything she wants. She may be naive sometimes, but her heart is pure and stronger than anyone could ever imagine. She’s just a young girl with the weight of the world, her family, and her nation on her shoulders.

Magnus. The prince of a falling kingdom and the son of the King of Blood. He was never respected by his father, who thought kindness a weakness. Forced to accept the evil that runs in his bloodline, he made the choice to become cold and heartless, thinking it was the only way to survive and thrive.

Lucia. A sorceress princess who doesn’t know the vastness of her powers. Everyone wants to use her, as she is a character with great potential for destruction or salvation. Maybe even both.

Jonas. Although his ideals are noble and centered around a better future for his starving people, he was blinded by hatred and was manipulative at times, ultimately leading to him starting the rebellion.

Falling Kingdoms is a book woven with adventure, elemental magic, fantasy lands, illicit romances, legends of goddesses, heartless rulers, death, and courage. Some might say they have heard this type of story a million times over, but Morgan captures the readers in an inescapable way and pulls them inward until they are drowning in the story.