By Sarah E. Fernandez

One of the sports that started in January is track and field. Practice began on the 23rd, and the interest meeting was on the 12th. Many questions and important answers were given, such as schedule overlaps and what spikes are. If your schedule overlaps, you should show up to a least two practices to condition and show your skills to the coaches. Spikes are the shoes needed to run outside and have small points under the front of the shoe.

During the track season there will be multiple coaches. Mr. Grantham will be coaching the girls, and there will be help overall from two additional coaches.The track coach for boys is Mr. Merz, a 7C Texas History teacher. He commented that you can join track but are not guaranteed a spot at a meet. Only the top students are able to compete at the meets due to a limited number of spots. The meets include events like high jumps, long jumps, hurdles, relays, and more. The students will be chosen based on their performances at practice, which is  four times a week, Monday through Thursday from 3:45-5:30. Mr. Grantham will be coaching the girls, and there will be help overall from two additional coaches.

At the interest meeting Hugh Coleman from 8B commented that when coming into track, the meeting/forms helped him. Hugh also said, “The rewarding thing about being in track is the events and being at the HISD meet.” He participated in the long jump and high jump events in his 7th grade year. Mr. Merz commented that the rewarding thing is seeing students win medals. It shows that the athletes and teachers have worked hard. Track and field pays off whether you join to be in shape or to compete in events to show off your skills.  

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