By Aria Jochnau

On Friday, January 19, twenty-three students from sixth through eighth grade participated in the annual Geography Bee. Participants were asked both multiple choice and non-multiple choice questions from the following geography related topics: State Savvy, History Happens, Ocean Wonders, Weird but True, World of Science, Odd One Out, and Culture Connection. Questions started off easy but increased in difficulty as the competition went on. Each student was able to miss a question and continue on in the competition, but after their second error, they were eliminated. After about an hour and half of answering questions, Emily Wang from 7A, won the title of the 2017 Geography Bee champion. The runners-up were Tommy Lai and Michael Lewinbuck. The tie-breaker round resulted in Tommy Lai being chosen as an alternate if Emily Wang is not able to compete in the next round.


Mini Quiz: These were a few questions that were asked in the Geography Bee. See if you are able to answer them!


  1. The Azores are a group of volcanic islands that lie west of Portugal in which ocean?
  2. The world’s longest golf course is 848 miles long and spans two time zones. This golf course is located in the Nullarbor Plain near the Great Victoria Desert on which continent?
  3. Which country is not a major producer of natural rubber – Malaysia, Thailand, or Yemen?





Answers:                   1. Atlantic Ocean                                  2. Australia                                         

3. Yemen