By Chloe Atha and Leah Mei Guttentag

Singing! Dancing! Acting! This spring, the theatre department is producing the play Xanadu about nine greek muses who go to inspire a struggling artist, named Sonny. Later in the play, Sonny and a muse Kira open up a disco roller rink. They face many problems along the way, but eventually they learn to overcome the obstacles and find love.

The students who wanted a part in the play went through an audition process that included memorizing and singing a song and submitting an application. Next the kids, if they were called back, got a section of the script to act out for the judges. The actors who wowed the judges were given roles in the play.

The play is coming out in approximately 9 weeks and it is being hosted in the Caja Negra Theatre. To prepare for the play, the theatre students rehearse 3-4 days a week depending on their part. The students, to work on their singing, practice with the music director Mr. Merz. The students will start to work on the set for the musical, which includes making a life size pegasus.

The musical not only helps students learn to sing and act, but also time management, memorization skills, eye hand coordination, public speaking and so much more. Ms. Buffone, the theatre teacher, said that the play is not only about acting, but building self-esteem and conquering their fears.  Chargers, get excited for Xanadu!