Quiz: What elective should you take next year?

By Aria Jochnau


 1. How much free time do you have during the week?

             a. Tons! I’m as free as a bird!


            b. A lot. I’m almost never busy.

            c. Sometimes I’m busy, sometimes I’m not. It depends on the day.

            d. I rarely have free time.

            e. None. I don’t even sleep.



2. How adventurous are you?


            a. A bit adventurous

            b. Very adventurous

            c. Kind of adventurous

            d. EXTREMELY adventurous – I’m an adventure king!

            e. Not at all – don’t mention adventure to me.


3. What do you want to get out of your electives?


             a. I want to be an art/musical genius!

            b. I want to become an expert at science/technology!

            c. I want to learn some real-world skills.

            d. I want to explore something new.

            e. I just want to get my work done.


4. Which word best describes your personality?


           a. Creative

           b. Nerdy

           c. Down-to-earth

          d. Daring

          e. Unproductive


5. How do you feel about challenges?


         a. I like the challenge of perfecting my skill.

         b. Solving problems helps me expand my knowledge.

        c. I just want to experience life.

        d. I want to challenge myself by learning something new.

        e. I hate challenge – thinking makes my head hurt.


 6. How competitive are you?


       a. Very. I find great joy in winning!

       b. I like to compete with myself.

       c. Competition is fine with me, but I’d rather just learn.

       d. I’ll compete, but nothing serious.

      e. Don’t mention competition. I’m too lazy.


 7. What is your favorite subject?

       a. English

b. Science/Math

      c. History

     d. I love all subjects!

     e. Lunch is what I live for.


MOSTLY As: Fine Arts (ex. choir, theater, art, photography)

MOSTLY Bs: STEM (ex. web design, engineering, robotics)

MOSTLY Cs: Social Sciences (ex. urban agriculture, debate, home economics, journalism, teen leadership)

MOSTLY Ds: Random Interest (ex. chess, weightlifting, TED Talks)

MOSTLY Es: Study Lab

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