By Caitlin Rangel

Along For the Ride by Sara Dessen is about Auden West who visits her father, stepmother, and her newborn stepsister. Before going to Defriese University, she starts a bucket list with Eli Stock, a friend she met outside of his bike shop, while she is in a made up town called Colby. This book was about Auden dealing with her overbearing mother who only wants Auden to succeed academically but now that Auden hasn’t been under the pressure of only studying she doesn’t want to be a literary genius like her mother. Along For the Ride was a wonderful book, and the main character has problems that teens can relate to that are very understandable.

My favorite part of Along For The Ride was when Auden started a food fight at her friends Adam and Wallace’s apartment, and she threw beans at Eli. My least favorite part of Along For The Ride was when Auden’s mother tried to sign her up for The Pembleton Program, which is a program that offers academically strong students an environment dedicated solely to their studies aka no roommates, no parties, no frat boys, and gossiping girls to deal with, but Auden doesn’t want that because she wants to experience a normal college life.

Sara Dessen is the New York Times bestselling author of eleven novels, which have sold more than seven million copies and have received numerous awards.