By Lauren Holcomb

Recently, Pin Oak has experienced a large amount of cheating and plagiarism, and multiple clusters have had meetings to discuss this issue. From sharing homework assignments with one another to slipping away answers on tests and quizzes, it’s a problem that has increased over the school year. Even if cheating or plagiarising may be the easy way out of doing work, it has to be stopped in order for students to succeed later on in their lifetime.



Many students cheat because they are just flat-out lazy, and they would rather scroll through social media than pick up a pen and complete an assignment. In this case, glancing over at a friend or printing the answers on the palm of  a hand could really help bring an F to an A. Also, some students just don’t care enough to complete an assignment, so they copy someone else’s to show at least a little effort. Students find this to be a simple way to escape failing and appear smarter and more prepared than they actually are. But sometimes there are students that care but simply forgot to study, or were too busy with extracurricular activities.



To prevent this, while it may be difficult, turn off your device! Scrolling through Instagram and tapping past Snapchat can be very tempting, but your education and understanding of the material taught is more important. Your social media will still be there when you finish, don’t worry! If you have to, after each assignment take a five minute electronic break, and when you’re done you can move on to your next assignment. Learning and studying material is important in the long run because it helps you qualify for college, and a college education can prepare you for the jobs in the future. Cheating or plagiarising in college can cause you to be kicked out of the university or program. Another option is study groups, where students can get together a few nights a week to review a lesson or work on homework, and this will help students stay on track with their work and grades.  If students usually do very well in their class,  kids can speak to the teacher about retaking next class period for a higher grade. Teachers recognize that some students do have off days, and they might give second chances.

Cheating will not help anybody involved in the situation. Many kids receive zeros for sharing their work or copying someone else’s, and in the real world plagiarism is illegal! If you don’t do your own work, you will not learn the material, and you will create bad habits that will affect you later in life. It may be oh-so-tempting, but cheating is never the answer.