By Madeline Hsu

Don’t you just love pranking your family and friends on April Fools’ Day? It’s so much fun, but sometimes it goes too far and isn’t so fun anymore. Instead, it digs us into a deep hole of doubt and regret. Here are some pranks you could play on friends and family this April Fool’s Day that don’t go over the line.

One prank that has gone way too far in past years is calling the police and telling them that something bad has happened to you or one of your family members. Instead, you can call a family member and prank them because calling the police will cause major problem. You might also be charged a fine. When you call your family member, though, you should still be courteous of their schedules. Don’t call them when you know they have something important happening at that moment.

     Another bad prank is setting something up that could hurt you or the person that you are pranking. Obviously, this is common sense, but some people don’t think about the dangers of pranks when they set them up. For example, people put things all over the floor and someone comes over to their house and slips. They could end up in the hospital because of a prank that was intended as a joke. I know many people set up traps in their house as their April Fool’s prank, but be sure it won’t cause danger to you or somebody else. For instance, you could put pepper on your brother’s toothbrush as a prank, as long as he doesn’t have pepper allergies.

       One last prank that you shouldn’t do is dressing up as a clown and scaring your friends or family because this year, especially, with all the clown drama, it could backfire. This could cause people to not feel safe and secure in places they go to often. Instead, you should dress up as something else to try to scare your household, but be sure to not make it seem “deadly” frightening.

       Obviously, there are many other pranks that cause major problems, but from the ones aforementioned, you can see sometimes these pranks don’t create the reaction you were expecting. These pranks seem extremely funny at first, but later on when something serious happens, it doesn’t trigger any laughs. Instead, it just creates a bigger problem that makes everyone think of you badly. Luckily, there are many other tricks you can play that come with less danger. When planning your April Fool’s joke, make sure to think about the consequences for those whom you may be pranking and for yourself.