By Jackson Osteen

In 2007,  the now dissolved Dissertation Class brought up the idea for a new track. The plan originated as a solution to the PE coaches and students complaining of uneven ground and muddy soil when running. Now, 10 years later, the idea has finally moved towards becoming a reality.

To kick off the plan, both the Flip Flop Fiesta and the Color Run helped raise money for the idea. The school sold inscripted stones that will eventually be embedded in the new track, that also contributed to the effort. After five months of raising money with fundraisers, the PTO has finally closed in on their  $80,000 goal. The next step is getting approval from the City of Bellaire that will give us the plan for the permits. This is to ensure the soil does not have a permeability ratio that the construction will affect, which in turn would create a flood plain. After this is approved (which due to low saturation of soil here at Pin Oak, it most likely will) administrators can sign a contract and construction can begin as soon as this summer.

Simply, the track will create a safer running platform for students and a uniform pathway for visitors. Of course, keep in mind this track couldn’t be a possibility without the hard work of administrators and PTO personnel, along with the amazing community donations. Ms. Graves said it best, “It was the generosity of the people in our community that made this track a possibility.”