By Sarah E. Fernandez

The first meet of the track and field season was the Westbury Track and Field Classic for middle schools on February 16. The amazing volunteers included members of Westbury’s Track and Field Team and their school staff. Many other schools participated, including Pershing, Lanier, and Meyerland. There was a total of over 35 schools. Runners arrived at Butler Stadium early to warm-up and started events at 9:00 a.m. and the field events started at 8:00 a.m.

The girls 4 by 800 meters relay started off the running events of the day. This relay team consisted of Charlotte Callaghan, Sarah Fernandez, Leah Oropeza, and Kevriana Scott. They took home second place for Pin Oak. Another 7th grade girls win was the 4 by 400 meter relay with the team of Charlotte Callaghan, Kaitlyn Hsu, Leah Oropeza, and Kevriana Scott. These wins and others led for the overall 7th grade girls championship trophy to go to Pin Oak. An 8th grade girl from Pin Oak, Skylar Wilkenfield, won first in long jump, a field event. Another field event that was won was the 8th grade boys long jump. Lorel Fotso took first place with a perfect score of ten. Ethan Herrera, William Spires, Vincent Chou, and Dylan Ballard won third in the 7th grade boys relay for the 4 by 800 meters. Pin Oak also earned many more awards. It was definitely a great way to start off the season!