By Lily Barrow

Do you love slime? Slime is a gooey substance that recently blew up on the internet. As of now there are hundreds of different slime recipes like fluffy slime, glitter slime, and crunchy slime. There’s even butter slime! The sensation even made it here to our own school. Students have been bringing all different types to all of their classes, including lunch. Students are loving this squishy feat and are making and bringing more and more slime every day.

However, the school administrators have a different opinion about slime. The slime is distracting students from learning since they are constantly playing with it. It is also destroying school property. When asked why the slime was no longer allowed at school Ms. Graves said, “Each month I meet with the cluster leaders. We discuss current school issues and work together to find solutions that are in the best interest of students. When we recently met they shared concerns about slime and asked that I do something. They felt like the slime was not only damaging school property, but that it was also becoming a distraction and was leading to students violating the code of conduct by selling it on campus without an approved fundraiser.”

Slime has been damaging our school as well. It has been found on computer keyboards, pianos, and books. “I would rather spend our school dollars on amazing experiences and unique opportunities for our student body, instead of repairing computers and replacing books damaged by slime.” Ms.Graves said.

Slime has its pros and cons. But bringing slime to school and destroying school property is not worth it. Instead you can play with at home with your friends and family, try new DIY slime recipes, or just chill out with your favorite slime.