By Maia Vo

Spring break is coming up to give everyone a break before all of the big tests that take place in April and May. Usually people go out of town, but not everyone has somewhere to go. A lot of students stay at home and have nothing to do, so the following are a few ideas for you to stay entertained during the long week.

First of all, you need to get out of the house. Walk or bike to a neighborhood park with some friends and just hang out. Going to parks allow you to let some stress out and clear your mind before you get back to school to test. Plus, you get to enjoy the weather and natural smells unlike all the stale air you breathe in while you’re indoors. Your respiratory system will thank you for cleansing it out. Going outside is good for your body, and it’s much better than spending your break inside playing video games like a vampire!

Also, you can try to do fun crafts and DIYs. There are lots of videos to try new things on YouTube and you can get the creative side of your brain activated. Doing crafts are fun and you can do them with friends to make it even more entertaining. Slime was a big hit, and since it’s banned in school, you can try making slime at home, just as long as you don’t bring it to school when the break is over.

If that wasn’t enough, another thing you can do over spring break is to try to make some money! Most students here at Pin Oak don’t have an allowance, so you have to make money on your own. You can get some lemons and do the traditional lemonade stand on a hot day around your neighborhood, or take up pet sitting since people will be gone due to the spring break week. The majority of people in the U.S. have pets, so take your pet owning experience and make money instead of coaxing your parents to give you money. Besides the fact that you’ll be making a ton of money, your parents will know you have become more responsible and you’ll have more trust with them.

Good luck avoiding being bored to death over the break. Also, don’t work too hard over the break and try to relax and try to have fun before school starts again.