By Chloe Atha

This season, the  boy’s lacrosse team has been dominating the competition. With only a few losses, the team is hopeful to end the season with more wins under their belt. The captains of the teams Ryan Russell, Gannon Amendola, and Eric Lee lead the team in both games and in practices, to help the old and the new players sharpen their skills and strategy.

After rigorous practices, the team took the field on March 30 at the Pin Oak fields. The 6th grade team and 7th/8th grade team both played Katy’s team. The 6th graders played at 6-7:30, while the 7th and 8th graders played 7:30-9. Both teams warmed up with stretches and exercises, readying themselves for the game quickly approaching. The 6th graders walked onto the field for the start of the game and got into position. They played a hard game with many difficult challenges. In the end, the 6th graders could not pull through and get a win. The 7th and 8th grade team, on the other hand, wiped away the competition with great skills and strategy. They beat the Katy team with a score of 9-4. Captain Gannon Amendola said “We have been winning a lot and I am really excited.”  The players hope to continue their winning streak for the rest of the season. Wish them luck, Chargers!