By: Jenna Greenberg

Auditions were recently held auditions for Pin Oak Idol. Many excellent students showed off their talent in amazing acts such as singing, dancing, or playing in a band. Mr. Dabbs agreed saying, “There were some excellent acts at the auditions.” Pin Oak Idol is sure to entertain and amaze you.

The fundraiser, Pin Oak Idol, is sure to have some crowd favorites. Even Mr. Dabbs admitted, “I have acts I’m rooting for… I have some acts in mind.” Whether cheering for a friend, supporting a sibling, or just going for a fun time, there’s sure to be an act to make you smile.

Surprise performance? In other words, Mr. Dabbs hinted that there will be a surprise performance at Pin Oak Idol. Jordan Sheldon, a member of stage band, confirmed, “We (stage band) will be doing a song or two throughout the show, but I do not have any insight as to which song we will be doing.” Is stage band the surprise performance? Attend Pin Oak Idol to find out, April 21st, in the MPR, from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.