Madeline Hsu

The 2016-2017 Name that Book team traveled to the Ryan Professional Development Building on March 7th for the preliminary competition of the year. They placed first overall and traveled to HMW Educational Support Center Board Auditorium for their final competition on March 10th. They came in close to winning, taking home the third place title.

Ms. Welker noted that Name That Book is a very difficult competition and the students need to be very well prepared for this harsh nail biting, yet fun competition. The students prepare by reading over 30 books and memorizing many quotes from those certain books. Ms. Welker stated, “The students work hard all year to complete the required reading. No matter how strong a reader you are if you read the books on the list, you will become an even stronger reader. I enjoy seeing the progress the students make by years end.”

“They also develop leadership skills and team building skills which are important life skills.” explained Ms. Welker. As you can see, skills you learn in Name That Book can help you in the future. Name That Book gives students some time to interact with other students that share the same interests as them. This class can help students make lifelong friends.

Name That Book isn’t just about reading books and all the knowledge you can gain from it, but it also teaches you lifelong skills and provides you with new friends.