By the Pin Oak Press


Check out some student testimonies about different electives to try!


I have been in debate class for two years now, and I love it. You spend your time preparing speeches on topics you receive monthly, and attend debate tournaments with schools in HISD. The time you spend developing speeches helps cultivate your writing skills, and of course, presenting your speech develops the important skill of public speaking. But, with any class, and especially this elective, it takes time and dedication, and you must be willing to sacrifice one Saturday every month. Overall, this is the perfect class for anybody who wants to develop important skills they are sure to use throughout their life.


Journalism is a fun elective for 7th and 8th grade students to expand their abilities in writing and learn how the press really works. Students are able to write articles for the school newspaper and participate in all of the steps to publish a newspaper. Students run every part of the Pin Oak Press, from writing, to editing, to creating the layout, to even running the paper’s website. While this elective requires hard work and effort, it is very rewarding in the end.

Strategy Board Games

Who wouldn’t want to spend a whole elective period playing games? Strategy board games is a fun elective where people play fun board games and learn new strategies on how to win the game. There is a variety of games provided for students to play including: Stratego, The Settlers of Catan, Chess, and many others. Students can also bring their own board games from home as long as Mrs. Hernandez, the strategy board games teacher, approves it. This elective provides students with a new perspective of how to look at board games. You can go home and impress your family and friends by showing them some skills you have acquired from this very enjoyable elective. These strategies could help you to win every game you play!


In yearbook, up until April, students design the layout and put the book together. They come up with a creative theme and build the pages around it as well as work on advertising for yearbook sales. This class is application only, and it’s a small group of select seventh and eighth graders. If you love photography, photoshop, and working hard while having fun, this elective is definitely for you.


One of my favorite electives is theatre! It is great if you want to have fun, explore acting, and make friends. It’s also great for improving your confidence and creativity through exercises, scenes, and performances. I would encourage anyone who is interested in acting and exploring different characters to look into taking a theatre elective.