By Jenna Mark

The Finisher by David Baldacci is a fantastical, awe-inspiring, action-packed adventure that will pull readers into the fantastical world of Vega Jane’s home, Wormwood, and hold them captivated, enthralled and experiencing a range of emotions that surely will have them hooked, like a greedy fish on a line.

The characters enchant immediately from the ferocious spit-fire Vega to her perfect complement of a best bud, the docile, dependable Delph. Mr. Baldacci magically presents a supporting cast of Wugs that, on the one hand, seem a simple-minded crew who never question or disobey The Council – the rulers of the Wormwood – or just not to question. On the other hand, things are not always as they appear. Seemingly, the Wugs are content to plod through each Light and Night accepting the nebulous answers to rather pointed questions. They, most certainly, never dream of leaving the safe haven of Wormwood, for aside from the surrounding dark, foreboding, monster infected Quag that surrounded Wormwood, there was simply a void. The Wugs believed this void to be unending darkness or a loop that takes one right back to the beginning of the Quag .

Always happy to embrace the intelligent, determined female; many are delighted to learn that Vega will not to be so quickly satisfied. Though her questions clearly placed in her in harm’s way, her undeniable will for the good of many easily overrode any nerves she felt for herself as an individual. Her actions always convey empathy, kindness, loyalty and selflessness; all admirable yet apparently elusive traits. The reminder is subtle, but strong.

While her world, along with the creatures and customs within, is the thing of vivid imaginations and unparalleled creativity; the passion, desire, strength and remarkably hard choices are all realities that we mere humans must abide. The The Finisher by David Baldacci is a cunning, enthralling tale that hints at the deception of and lies of many rulers and how far one person will go to learn the truth.