By Maia Vo

Finally, the long school year is coming to an end, but with the receding year, comes the STAAR tests. Teachers have begun to prepare you on what to do on the STAAR, but have they taught you how to not fail the STAAR?


  1. Cheat


A major problem in schools is cheating. I don’t know why people do it or why they think they can get away with it, but people cheat. If you cheat, you’re going to get caught and get a big, fat zero on the STAAR test. While you’re at it, an easy way to get a zero on the test is to bring in a smartphone or smartwatch to the testing room, so if you’re planning on failing the STAAR, I highly recommend it!

  1.  Write All Over Yourself/Belongings

Writing on people is a big trend this year, but it’s going to get someone in trouble during the STAAR tests. Administrators and teachers may think you’re cheating with marker all over your body. Others write on pencil bags and doodle on their planners. During the STAAR, no one will take you seriously with writing all over yourself like a tattoo.

  1.       Stay Up Late

Teenagers tend to stay up late at night doing homework and whatnot. Teachers say to get a good night’s rest the night before a STAAR test, but if you want to fail, just stay up on your phone. It is proven that a smart devices keep you up and night because it mimics the sun’s radiation, making your body stay awake about an hour more than usual. Obviously, if you want to fail the STAAR test, you should definitely stay up late and wake up early on the big testing day.

Taking all things seriously, do the opposite of all these subtitles. If you don’t do any of these things, you should do well on the STAAR. Good luck to all of the students testing!