By Lauren Holcomb

For many students, middle school is very difficult to strive in with lots of school work, drama, sports teams, extra curricular activities, and finally finding their place right when they have to begin the high school decision process. Believe me when I say anything else on their plate that can distract them from all of this can push students to their breaking point – one major distraction: having braces. Yes, I understand they make your teeth look straight and pretty and that I will be thankful for them in the end. However, in the moment when they are still on my teeth, I hate braces.

First of all, the orthodontist building and business is disgusting. They force me to wear a scratchy napkin that rubs my skin the wrong way, and the metal chain connecting it to my body feels like they just took it out of a freezer! But that’s when they finally get to me. Anyone who goes to any orthodontist knows the struggle of waiting for at least half an hour before even being noticed. Second, like many growing tweens, I have very sensitive teeth. Thankfully most of the ladies working there notice this, but then they IGNORE MY NEEDS. It actually seems that they begin to apply MORE force and pull on my teeth HARDER than they did before!

I know my teeth started out super whack (my teeth formed the shape of a smile INSIDE my mouth), and I am thankful for all my orthodontist has done for me. But, there is no denying that my hatred for arriving at the building older than Queen Elizabeth herself burns hot and strong. I hate the orthodontist.