By Leah Mei Guttentag

Many choices are facing 6th graders as the school year comes to an end. New electives, sports, and opportunities open up to them as 7th graders and the options are numerous. One of the hardest decisions for students to make is the language they take. C house students are required to take at least one language while it is optional for A and B house students. Students are allowed to take up to two of the five languages, and they count as electives. If they complete two years of a language, they will receive one high school credit.

Spanish was found to be the language most likely to be chosen by the most 6th graders. This is reflected by how Pin Oak has two spanish teachers, while the rest of the languages have only one. Students listed their parents as a big influence on their choice of language. It’s safe to say students are sure to benefit no matter what language they take!


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