By: Jenna Greenberg

As we approach the end of the school year, graduation is on every eighth grader’s mind. Although some students are overwhelmed and a little scared, there are many people who have been counting the days. Brenton Wilson, a student from 8A, said, “I’ve been waiting for this day.”

Some of the students have mixed emotions, for example, an anonymous student from 8A shared, “Both (excited and scared) because it’s a new beginning, but a big change.” Luca Jarosz, a student from 8B, commented, “I’m super excited to go to a new school, but I am sad to leave Pin Oak. I will be a little scared because I won’t be the oldest class.” An anonymous student from 8B voiced, “I think it’s exciting because you get to meet new people and have a totally different experience with homework and teachers.”

Of course there will be many things the 8th graders will miss at Pin Oak, especially their teachers. Danielle Ferguson, a student from 8B, said, “I’m gonna miss all the support from my teachers.” Luca Jarosz agreed saying, “I’ve had some great teachers at Pin Oak, but I will be sad to not see them regularly and to not take their class.”

Also without doubt, for the ones not attending the same school as their friends, the 8th graders will miss their friends too. An anonymous student from 8a, expressed, “(I will miss) my friends and how we don’t have a lot of homework.” Agreeing with this student, the amount of homework in 8th grade is definitely something most 8th graders will miss when in high school.

Everybody wants to succeed in high school, whether it’s to have a lot of friends or to get good grades. The 8th graders goals for high school are diverse in these such ways. Luca Jarosz commented, “I hope to have a great time in high school.” An anonymous student from 8B wants, “To have a great experience and not let anyone ruin it for me.” Another anonymous student from 8B added, “My friends and I will hang out and have a good time.” Danielle Ferguson said, “My hopes are that I become the captain of my drill team and maintain a 4.0 GPA.”

An anonymous student from 8B expressed, “I believe that high school isn’t  only about education, it’s also about the experience.” Leaving Pin Oak and advancing to high school is a bittersweet and exciting experience for the 8th graders. The Pin Oak Press wishes them good luck and hopes they have a successful experience in high school.