By Maia Vo

Pin Oak offers 5 languages for those who want to take the extra time and learn a language (with the exception of C-house, where taking a language is mandatory). When you’re in eighth grade, you get a chance to take a trip to a place where your language originates and is spoken fluently.

This summer, Mr. Jones will take German students to Berlin, Ms. Tomlinson will take students to France, and Ms. Hastings-Velasquez and her students will go to Ecuador. In the past the Chinese class has gone to China with Ms. Condron and hopefully future trips with be taken with her and with the Italian class. During these trips, the students get to go to immersion classes and visit national monuments while living the language.

Going on these trips allows students to use the language that they’ve been working so hard to learn. Though the trips are not cheap, the students get the real foreign experience eating the local food and soaking in the foreign culture of the country. During the trips, you are usually without your parent, so you learn much of the responsibility needed for high school. It lets you make your own choices and decisions. The trip is also a chance to bond with your classmates before leaving for high school.

All together, these school foreign trips let people have great experiences that may be even a once in a lifetime opportunity.