By Jackson Osteen

As 2017 has developed, the forefront of news and rumors has been led by the constant attention to North Korea and the dictatorship of Kim Jong Un. Lots of people say different things about the true danger of our not-so-friendly pacific neighbors, leaving most people to wonder if the threat is substantiated.

Nuclear Capabilities

The question on most normal Americans’ minds, can North Korea nuke us? It is a realistic contemplation. So can they? The answer: not yet. While North Korea does in fact have nuclear bombs, their lack of results show they have not perfected long range missile travel. This means the US is not quite in their range. The reason is they have not developed a nuclear bomb shell small enough to fit on the head of a missile, and they don’t have missiles to use that can reach more than a few thousand miles.

The catch is that their intense research is still ongoing. North Korea has tested their bombs five times in the past 11 years. The country’s production is in its climax, with them now being able to produce a nuclear bomb every six or seven weeks. But what about intercontinental missiles? Siegfried S. Hecker, a professor at Stanford and a past director of a weapons lab in New Mexico was allowed into North Korea’s nuclear labs seven times. “They’ve learned a lot.” He said. Most experts say North Korea will have intercontinental capabilities in at least four or five years.

In conclusion, future US sanctions may apply, but the effectiveness of that solution is in question. (President Clinton tried this already, which fell apart during the Bush administration.) So basically, only worry a little, because we have a while longer before it will be a problem.