By Chloe Atha

On April 25-26th, student athletes from the whole school came together to celebrate their accomplishments this year. The students were awarded for completing a sports season with individual awards customised to them. The banquets were hosted by Coach Fredricks and a few special students. Each sports team had a coach read and hand out the awards to each person’s name they called. The kids came on stage and had a moment in the spotlight where their parents snapped as many pictures as they want.

The 7th grade banquet, on the 25th, was held in honor of the seventh grade athletes. The banquet lasted from 6-8pm which gave the students and their parents an abundance of time to receive all the sports and honor roll awards. The 7th grade banquet did not have a buffet like the 8th grade banquet did but they did serve cake, cupcakes, and lemonade for the students and parents to enjoy.

The 8th grade banquet hosted all the 8th grade athletes and their parents on the 26th. The kids and adults gathered in their fancy attire, first to have dinner, then to receive their awards. The buffet at the banquet had lasagna, pasta, bread, cake, cupcakes, and lemonade. For roughly 30 minutes, the students indulged in their dinner. After the dinner, the awards for each team were given out. The honor roll award was also given to kids who were on honor roll while doing sports.

The students work hard every day to compete for the school while also keeping their school work up, and Pin Oak rewards them. Student athletes are a vital part of the school system and deserved to be rewarded for all their hard work. Look out next year for the new athletes who are ready to make Pin Oak proud!