By Albert Wright

Over this past month, all eighth graders were notified of the upcoming field trip. If you are attending, the following are the items you need to bring:


  • Sack lunch to board the bus
  • Sunscreen
  • Beach towel (Make sure it’s school appropriate.)
  • Small beach bag with extra clothes (top, shorts, undershirt, underwear, etc.)
  • Two bottles of water (no glass)


Many students have been asking,”Can we bring our phones?” The answer is YES. Your phone is your responsibility, so if it is lost, we will not go back to find it. Some other extras you can bring are waterproof watches, cameras (disposable), and earphones. Your phone and earphones are to be left on the bus inside your beach bag. It would be wise to bring money to purchase souvenirs. You will also be provided with a Schlitterbahn T-shirt. Ladies can bring a 1 or 2 piece suits, but only if they cover appropriately. When you get on the bus, you must wear clothing on the bus that follows the school dress code in length and cover. Swim trunks or board shorts can be substituted for shorts. All shorts must be at least a fingertip in length.

For the lunch, you are advised to NOT bring any items that need to be refrigerated. If you can’t bring a sack lunch, the school will provide one. Of course, students who have discipline issues are not allowed on the trip. That’s when the 3, 2, 1 rules comes into play. If you receive three detentions (regular), two school-wide detentions, and one suspension, you are not allowed to attend the field trip. Try your best not to forget your textbook in your locker, play with glue, and talk back to your teacher. If you do all this and more, you have nothing to worry about.