By Michael Hall

The creation of the internet has allowed for information to be rapidly shared through various mediums. One of the more popular options for sharing information is streaming. However, criminals have started to use streaming to share their crimes with the public. While streaming their crimes may spread awareness of their crime, it typically results in the criminal being caught promptly. Streaming your crime might just be the worst thing a criminal can do besides confessing to their crime.

First off, streaming your crime often reveals personal information that can lead to your capture. Criminals often give up their anonymity by speaking or revealing their face. They often also state their location and the location of the crime. Additionally, the criminals might reveal their name, which can lead to a very fast capture. But if you don’t stream your crimes, you have time to leave the area and remain anonymous.

Secondly, streaming your crime also gives the authorities insight as to why you committed your crime. If you graffitied a building for no reason, you will most likely have a harder time in court. However, if you were to not stream it, your motives will remain unknown.

Streaming your crimes is potentially one of the worst things you can do as a criminal. It gives up your anonymity and your motives, which most criminals must need in order to flee and have a better chance in court. No matter how big or small, any advantage for the authorities can lead to a quick capture.