Vacation Quiz


By Lily Barrow

  1. What things do you enjoy doing after school?

          a. Tanning

          b. Watching movies

          c. Swimming

          d. Playing outside


  1. Who do you enjoy spending time with?

          a. Myself!

          b. My Family

          c. LOTS OF PEOPLE!

          d. My friends


  1. Which word describes your personality?

          a. Chill

          b. Patient

          c. Social

          d. Funny


  1.  What color scheme represents you?

          a. Cool tones

          b. Earthy tones

          c. Rainbow!

          d. Warm tones


  1. How patient/relaxed are you?

          a. I love to relax

          b. Very patient

          c. Keep it moving!

          d. Patient enough but can we relax?






          Mostly A’s – Beach!

          Mostly B’s – Road Trip!

          Mostly C’s – Cruise!

          Mostly D’s – Camping!