By Madeline Hsu


About 100 of our Pin Oak Choir, Orchestra, and Dance students are traveling to Disney World! The teachers have a fun-filled 5 day trip organized to reward the students in these electives for their hard work this year. This trip isn’t going to be all fun and games though. There is going to be an educational aspect to this trip as well. The students will be participating in a workshop to learn different things that correspond with their class. For example, the choir and orchestra students are going to be learning some songs from a Disney movie and the dancers are going to be learning a dance to a Disney movie. They are going to be performing it along with the movie.

Jenna Greenberg from Pin Oak Company noted that she is really excited to be able to go to Disney. “This is my first time to go to Disney World, so I am really looking forward to this trip,” Jenna exclaimed. Students from these three classes are eager to have the opportunity to go on this Disney trip.

Even though they are going to be learning, this could turn out to be the best 5 day trip these students have ever experienced. The students will get to explore the different parts of Disney World and will get to enjoy all the rides and attractions offered there.