By  Adele Beebe

Journalism was a new elective added this 2016/2017 school year.  Being apart of Pin Oak Press has been so fun, but sadly readers only see the final product. Here’s what happens behind the scenes of journalism.

After making a daily joke on Michael’s pessimistic outview on life and Jackson’s overly gelled hair, we (Chloe and I) begin to procrastinate on our articles.  Some things we like to do instead of writing our articles are making up inspirational speeches to improve our work habits, (but we can’t do that anymore because Mrs. Tomlinson banned us from doing it because it “distracts students”) and singing random songs like “How Far I’ll Go” or “Chicken Fried” and “Don’t Stop Believing” which were both featured in our inspirational speeches. When we finally start working on our articles, it’s usually the day of or day before our articles are actually due. Once we finish, we begin to work on either our scrapbook or documentaries on people and things in journalism. Some of our documentaries include Jackson’s Corner, A Day in the Life of Adele, and Diana The Queen of Everything.

Everyone who is apart of Pin Oak Press has so much fun making the school’s newspaper, and we can’t wait for next year!