By: Caitlin Rangel

          Life After Theft is by Aprilynne Pike and was published by HarperCollins Publishers Limited in 2013. Kimberlee Schaffer died last year and she needs Jeff’s help to give back the things that she stole when she was alive. Kimberlee is a ghost and is what you would call a kleptomaniac, someone who has mental disorder that compels them to steal. Kimberlee and Jeff made a deal where Kimberlee would help Jeff navigate his way through his new  high school and Jeff would help Kimberlee give back the things she stole. Jeff later learns it’s easier to steal something than to give it back.

          Personally it was hilarious when Jeff was invited by one of the popular guys to a party and Kimberlee made him go shopping for an outfit. My least favorite part is when Jeff goes to the party and the person who invited him, Langdon, gets him drunk to the point where he can’t even speak properly. Life After Theft talks about sensitive issues regarding death, religion, and bullying, which may make some readers hesitant, but is a great book nonetheless.