By Jenna Mercado

“My jaw dropped; I was in awe, [even though] I had seen mountains before …,but the Rocky Mountains are totally different.” said Ms. Riegler, a teacher from 8B who has been to Yellowstone twice. The sights of Yellowstone were a beautiful, wonderful break from the big city. The 8th grade Yellowstone trip is something I hope everyone gets to experience. In Fall 2017, Pin Oak Middle School went on a joint trip north alongside Bellaire High School on September 22 through 27.

Many favorite attractions include Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic, and meeting a domestic wolf. I had multiple people tell me that starting at Yellowstone would not be as good of a trip. The opportunity to see the change of environment made this trip even better. You see, we started in Utah and went through Idaho to get to Wyoming.

“I feel that I did learn a lot from all of the teachers and Ms. Lindsley,” Paige Miller, an 8th grade participant from the trip said. “We went to the Yellowstone to experience memories, learn more about science, and to learn new life skills.” As Ms. Riegler said, “It’s something else out of the classroom. It’s a real life experience. They learned not only how to pay the check at a restaurant, but also how to manage their time as well. [The Learning] being lecture based…like a college course you’re listening and trying to gather information, so it’s skills that you normally don’t really develop from sitting in a classroom …  You actually get to be involved in the learning.” Everyone had different experiences, but most said they would come back again.

If you want my opinion of the trip, it was a memory I would not trade for anything. If you are thinking about going you should sign up as soon as possible. The spots fill up quickly. If you already missed the opportunity you can still go with your family and I guarantee it will be just as amazing.