By Madeline Hsu

Starting last year, Pin Oak has a tennis team. These students’ skill levels range from beginning to advanced. A couple of parents were interested and took  the initiative to start this club. The tennis team was created mainly because POMS is one of the few middle schools with many tennis courts.

Pin Oak’s tennis team consists of 50 students. Many students were interested in tennis, so the spots were filled quickly. For example, many of the spots were filled at the parent and student interest meeting alone. The students practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays on Pin Oak’s tennis courts. They have 2 practice sessions. One is at 3:45 p.m. and the other is at 4:45 p.m. Tennis pros come from the Jewish Community Center to coach the students. Mrs. Shaw, Pin Oak’s tennis team coordinator, explained that last year Pin Oak competed against Trafton and Emery Weiner School. This year, everyone hopes that our team will be able to compete more. Mrs. Shaw exclaimed, “ Last year we were brand new and trying to figure it all out and we hope to grow our program more each year.”

She also commented, “My favorite thing about this club is seeing the interest level grow.  We have so many kids who want to play tennis!  Our school obviously had a need and it has been so exciting to see so many kids get to play a school sport.  I also like that 6th graders get to play.”

George Traylor, an eighth grade student, decided to play tennis at POMS because he liked the idea that it would give him exercise for a couple days each week. He commented, “I have been playing tennis for 4 years prior to this. I also started this club because I didn’t have much to do at home and thought that this would fill my free time.”

Emily Wang is a student that played for Pin Oak’s tennis team last year. She decided to do it again this year because she thought it was fun. When asked how long she has been playing, Emily replied, “I have been playing tennis at Rice for about 4 years.”