By Leah Norton

Houston is working harder than ever to recover from this horrific tragedy that started August 17th and ended September 3rd. The people of Houston who were fortunate enough not to get flooded are helping the not so fortunate. Here are a couple of helpers that have greatly changed our community.
James Finley, a college swimmer at UWGB, says “Part of it was a selfishness not to focus on our own misery, but the other part was just, if we can help people, why wouldn’t we? We can go out, we are a very physically fit and active family… we were able to go out and do all this for people.” James was in Houston for his last few days before college when the storm hit. Luckily, his ability to swim, from swimming on the Coogs Aquatics team, helped him to very easily rescue people and their pets. Amy, one of the victims saved by Finley said “To see this kid, he is just a teenager. We hear all the time about how this generation is entitled- they are lazy, they don’t want to work hard. He (James) didn’t have to do that. It was the day before he was going off to college. He should of been doing youth stuff, yet he was pulling complete strangers from homes and staying calm.”
Greg Orphanides, the head coach at Coogs Aquatics, put a team together to help demo flooded houses. This group was made of swimmers on the team from the young age of 11 to the ripe old age of 50. The team has helped about 15 houses and has put in over 40 hours of work to help our community. They felt guilty that they didn’t get any damage, but they buckled down and got to work. They were just doing our part for our community.