By: Jenna Sellars

This Halloween, change up your style by making your OWN Halloween costume! Of course classics are always easy, but dressing up as a typical ghost or other generic Halloween character is BORING. Find a cool movie or book you love and get crafting! You don’t even have to get into the sewing business. If that’s not your thing, you can just go to multiple cheap stores (Target, Walmart, or even Salvation Army) and buy the different parts of your costume. It may be more work, but it is definitely cheaper! Did you know that the average amount of money Americans spend on halloween costumes is seventy-four dollars? I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that kind of money! By making your own halloween costume, you use much less money, because while you may be buying some things, you can also work with what you already have. For instance, I am making my own Halloween costume, and the cost is around fifty dollars. I would much rather spend fifty dollars on a costume that I can design to my own personal preferences, instead of buying a seventy dollar costume that may not fit or feel uncomfortable.  You don’t even have to dress up as an actual character, you can make your own character! Once again, take a book, movie, play, or other story with characters, and plug yourself into it! That’s something you can’t buy in a store. Vivian Huynh stated that “There’s nothing wrong with the classics, but sometimes you can make it less boring by adding your own twist to them.” In other words, you can always dress up as a ghost, but make it a more creative looking ghost instead of a boring white sheet with two dots for eyes.

This halloween, get creative, have fun, and remember the number one rule of halloween: eat as much candy as you can :).