By: Tessa Diara

The Red Ribbon Campaign is the largest and oldest drug prevention program in the United States. Each year, this campaign organizes one week dedicated to inspiring teenagers to not do drugs. The campaign began in 1985 and the first Red Ribbon Week was in 1988. People participate in Red Ribbon Week to show their personal commitment to not doing drugs. In 1985, Special Agent Enrique “ Kiki” Camarena was kidnapped. He was viciously tortured and murdered on February 7th. This incident inspired Americans to care more about the dangers of drugs and international drug trade.  Pin Oak Participates in Red Ribbon Week by having red out day on Monday (to show our campus unity to the commitment to stay drug free). We wore as mush red clothing as we could. On Wednesday, we had a “sock it to drugs” day (to show our drug free spirit). We were allowed to wear any crazy socks we own. On Thursday, we had a “shade out to drugs” day by wearing our sunglasses. On Friday, we had a “team up against drugs” day by wearing your favorite team’s jersey.