By: Oscar Umana

The Pin Oak Chargers were victorious against The Lanier Purple Pups for the 13th time, showing what we Chargers are made of. The 8th grade football boys took on the Purple Pups on October 24, 2017. The homecoming game was the most important game of the season and the Chargers did not upset. The Chargers have been preparing for this game since the first week of school. Before the game, Coach Grantham said, “We have prepared for the game by practicing a lot of offensive plays, fundamentals, conditioning, and a new defensive scheme.” He also said, “We expect to move the ball early, to score early, and for the defense to get off the field quickly.” The 8th grade team has only lost to the Purple Pups once in 13 years. The boys put points on the scoreboard early in the game. The touchdown that lead to victory was scored by Drew Michael. The last game of the season will be tonight at Butler Stadium at 7:00pm versus West Briar Middle School. Hope to see you there!