By: Havana Coston

Cross Country is a fun and interesting sport to play. It is a competitive sport consisting of running, a lot of running. Participants have to run long distances and keep up their stamina. Cross Country is a sport open to 7th and 8th grades here at Pin Oak. It runs in the Fall and ends in the Spring, when track starts. Pin Oak’s Cross Country team coach is Mr. Merz, the 7C Texas History teacher who also coaches our amazing track team. Mr. Merz, who has been coaching for 6 years ,said, “It is hard to coach both XC and Track. Though both sports center on running, they are very different in the way we practice and compete in meets. It is beneficial that I coach cross country before track because it gives me an idea of who can be track distance runners.  There is a good break in between them, about 3 months, that I am thankful for.” When it comes to keeping runners energized he said, “Sometimes it is hard to keep runners energized in the early morning practices. Sometimes the energy level depends on what day of the week it is. This year, I tried to keep the energy level high by playing electronic dance music like Zedd and Major Lazer during our stretching and warm-ups. Not only did this help energize the runners, but I think it helped energize the coaches as well and created a fun mood before our workouts.”  If Cross Country  seems like a great sport to you, definitely tryout for next year’s team. GO CHARGERS!!!!!!!