By: Shewit Asgodom

The homecoming dance is just the beginning of the end of the entire week of homecoming. The homecoming dance is after we have our homecoming game and the point of this is to celebrate our wonderful sports teams of 2017-2018. Coach Fredricks is not only in charge of the homecoming dance, she is in charge of the entire homecoming week.

The volleyball team players are there to help Coach Fredricks with not only the preparations but the decorations as well. The best thing that ever happened during the homecoming week would have to be when JJ Watt came to our pep rally. There is a lot that goes into the dance that you would never expect but her and her team do this so we can have an amazing time at the dance.

There is a lot that goes into the the prep for homecoming week. Not only does the volleyball team players and parents help decorate and organize the homecoming dance but the cheerleaders and dance teams have to prepare a dance and perform it.

The reason six graders are not allowed to go is because the levels of maturity between the eighth and sixth graders are in two different levels. Also way back when six graders were allowed to go, the eighth graders would not attend their own dance basing it off that the homecoming dance is really for the eighth graders. Also the homecoming dance is a dance celebrating the victory of the football homecoming game but to show off the new teams of 2017-2018 and six graders aren’t allowed to be on any teams yet. Because of this Coach Fredricks throws the six graders a dance the week after where only six graders can go.

Not only does the homecoming dance bring the whole school together the whole homecoming week gets everyone from the school involved. No matter what you think, you contributed to the homecoming week  in some form. That is the point of it all: to feel united.