By: Whitley McBride

Many students are wondering where the track is. Well, we have an answer! The track should be here by next school year.

The reason we don’t have the track yet is very complicated. The plan was that the track money would be raised by the PTO with HISD’s permission and the school get a regular contractor to come build the track over the summer. But HISD changed their minds and said that the school would have to get our contractors from an organization that was diverse and was not prejudiced about their employees. So after HISD changed their minds, the school started a very long process to get a contractor from HISD. First was advertising. Once the school knows who wants to build the track they get bids to see how much they the contractors want for the job, and how long it would take. The shortest proposed time was 12 weeks because there are sports going on, and there is not enough time between sports practices for the track to be made. The school hoped to get it done during winter break, but it’s too short of a time period because there is only a 6 week break during sports including winter break. So, unfortunately, the school will just wait until the summer to build the track.