By: Jenna Mercado

    • A jar of favorite things: You can fill it with some of their favorite candy or some cheap makeup. You can out a trail mix in your jar too. You can also put in a lot of dollar bills. You can also fill this with a couple band aids, some different sizes, cotton balls, a little bit of rubbing alcohol, chapstick, hand sanitizer, and  ointment. There are many other things you can put in this jar including marshmallows, popcorn, a pedicure in a jar, and many other kits or foods.


  • Pop socket: you can get at many places including Amazon, Michaels, Target, and many other places. They usually cost about 10 dollars
  • Jewelry: you can get some cheaper jewelry at Target, Amazon, and most drug stores.
  • Gift card: depending on the person you can get really any gift card. They sell a big variety at Target and Randall’s .
  • Ear buds: these can be found for about 10 dollars on amazon
  • 100 words: you have a lot of options for this one. You first come up with 100 words that describe or remind you of this person they can be their favorite things, hobbies etc. Then you can make a slideshow, a word cloud, or print out each word individually and put them each in a different spot that you know they will find it.
  • Phone charger: These are really cheap on Amazon.


  • Portable charger: These range from 5 to 50 dollars on Amazon and other places.




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