By: Kimberly Suastegui and Havana Coston

Did you want to go to Charger Fest, but couldn’t make it? Well here we’re telling some of the things that happened when we went to chager fest. There was a lot of fun at Charger Fest.

There were so many cool booths; a henna booth, a hair spray booth where you could temporarily dye your hair, a booth with Ms. Audi selling clothes, face painting, a photo booth, confetti eggs, and a cake walk. We also had Chick-Fil-A, Papa Johns, and refreshments being sold in the cafeteria, as well as  Kona Ice in the back parking lot. We had many rides and games.  There was also approximately four trampolines that were  large and very fun. The performers were absolutely amazing. There was crew, company, hip hop, and dance who perform

The aftermath of Charger Fest was a doozy. Many volunteers stayed and helped clean up: there was confetti everywhere inside and outside of the school. There was much work to do after Charger Fest, but there was so much fun.

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