By: Madeline Hsu

Each year, students are given a colored sheet of paper that shows them a list of electives for the upcoming school year. The elective choices may change each year, but many stay the same. Orchestra, Band, Choir, Debate, Photography, Study Lab, and many more are commonly chosen elective choices.

Certain electives that you may be interested in doing require you to try-out or apply. Electives such as Yearbook and many of the intermediate and advanced classes (such as Intermediate Orchestra or Advanced Band) are just a few that students have to show off their skills to become applicable.

Other classes such as Teen leadership, Home economics, Financial Literacy, and Advertising and Marketing are just some electives that teach students life skills. In Home economics, you learn to cook and make different things that will be beneficial in life now and in the future.

Maia Vo, a student at Pin Oak Middle School, stated that she is taking Engineering and Study lab this semester. “I find Engineering the most interesting since Study lab is just a time to do homework,” Maia explained. In addition, she noted, “My favorite elective out of all three of my Pin Oak years would be Art because it is fun and I get to express my small, creative side. We got to also do sculpting and painting during Art class, which I enjoyed.”  

Another student that commented on this topic was Leah Mei Guttentag. “I take Advanced theater, Chinese, and Study lab. I think advanced theater is the most interesting.” Leah Mei proclaimed. She explained that Advanced theatre is her favorite elective because acting and performing is a huge passion of hers. Leah Mei said that another reason that she loves Advanced theatre is because she loves how the cast and crew can work together to put on the productions. When asked which electives she had applied for, but hadn’t gotten, Leah Mei stated,”I was going to do show choir, but it wasn’t possible with my schedule. I was also going to take Journalism, but that wouldn’t work either, so I ended up doing a study lab instead.”

Electives are a big part of student education here at Pin Oak. They take up about 38% of student’s day-to-day life. Most students take three different electives or two electives and one language class. All in all, electives are a major part of a Pin Oak student’s life. Apply to the elective choice you find most interesting and hope you can get in.