By: Tessa Diara

Midterms are very important to most people. There are many things you can do to succeed on these very important tests. Get lots of sleep, avoid stress, don’t cram, and move around! If you follow these steps, then you don’t even need to worry about the midterms.

Sleep is actually very important because not getting enough of it can lead to anxiety and depression. It’s healthy to get at least eight hours of sleep. You should try to go to sleep at the same time everyday. Avoid bright screens right before your bedtime.

Evading stress is vital because the less stressed you are, the more productive you get. To avoid stress, you should: meditate, breathe in and out, stay happy (smile and laugh), listen to music, and move around.

Try to study the least amount possible. Ok, that might sound weird, but what I mean is don’t study fifty things for each of your classes. Just study the important things. Don’t study the stuff you already know!

Lastly, you should try to pay attention in class. You can’t do well on the tests if you, personally, haven’t learned the subject! You should be doing your homework, taking your classes seriously, and  have fun with the class.

Emma Youngblood, an 8C student, commented on how she studies, how much she sleeps, and her stress level for the midterms. “I study for some of the subjects, mainly history and science. It takes me about an hour to study everything I need to know or remember. I try to not study too much nor too little. I actually end up sleeping later because of studying or nerves. I do feel stressed for these tests, but not that much. I want to do well on these, and I just get scared that I’ll forget everything I learned in that class. In the end, I actually do very well on my midterms. I usually get all A’s. When I’m studying, I go through my notebooks and past homeworks. I sometimes do some science quizlets online. I study half the time by myself and the other half is with my sister. So I’ll study what i need to know and then I’ll have my sister quiz me about it. Midterms aren’t super important to me. I feel like they’re just a little more important than regular tests. I don’t really think midterm are an accurate measure of people’s growth. Some people are nervous test takers. Some questions are really specific and just because you don’t understand the question doesn’t mean that you didn’t learn anything from that class.”