By: Anne Greene

New school start times have been a hot topic for a few years prompting much debate between doctors, teachers, parents, and students alike. Early school start times lead to stress and exhaustion in students, and often are unhealthy for teens. The new HISD standardized start times will allow the secondary campuses to start at 8:30 AM as opposed to Pin Oak’s current start time of 8:00 AM.

Arguments for later school start times revolve around many teens’ chronic sleep deprivation. Teens typically do not produce “wind-down” hormones until significantly later than the average adult. “Wind-down” hormones such as melatonin prompt the beginning of becoming drowsy and getting to bed. Normally adults begin to produce melatonin at around 10:00 PM, while teens begin to produce these hormones around 1:00 AM.

The push back may not be enough to get adolescents the sleep they require, but it is a valiant effort and progress towards healthier sleep schedules for teens.