Pin Oak Press Reflects on Memories from 2017

By: Mehran Kooshiar

2017 has been a year of many tragic and nail-biting events. Though these events have a big significance to them, what actually happened in 2017?

Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 hurricane that hit Texas on August 24th, 2017. The hurricane resulted in over 125 billion dollars of damage and took the lives of 91 people. It mostly affected Houston, bringing lots of attention and awareness to the city. Despite the disaster, the storm lead to many people coming together to bring money and help the community recover from the disaster, leading to phrases such as “Houston Strong.”

The Las Vegas shooting took place on the night of October 1st, 2017, when a gunman named Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of concert goers at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. The event left 58 dead and 851 injured. It was the worst shooting on U.S. soil of all time.

The Inauguration of President Donald Trump was on January 20th, 2017, beginning a 4 year presidential term under the lead of the 71-year-old businessman. He set such records as the wealthiest person to be into office, the oldest person to be put into office, and the first person without military or government service experience to be put into office.

Throughout 2017 we’ve seen North Korea pick up speed on their military structure. During 2017, North Korea performed more than 10 missile tests as well as tested and showed their first ICBM, or Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, along with the first nuclear test in September. Throughout the year were many tensions between the U.S. and North Korea resulting in worrisome moment for both countries.

The Manchester Terrorist Attack took place on May 22, 2017 after an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. A bomb exploded, killing 23 people, including the bomber, and injuring over 500. The explosion inspired in many concerts and fundraisers to benefit to the victims of the attacks. Ariana Grande herself help a benefit concert for the victims.

To round out a rough year and end on a higher note, the Astros made it to the 2017 World Series. On November 1, 2017 the Astros beat the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles with a score of 4-3. It all started with a good season following the events of Hurricane Harvey and after the team traded for Justin Verlander, a pitcher with a 9-0 win-loss record. During the World Series the Astros pulled off very close wins, leading to winning Game 7 on November 1st.