1958 VS. 2018

1958 VS. 2018

By: Sophia Selby and Sofia Osborn

As we look into 2018, many wonder mostly about the future and in what way it will affect us. But why not look back and compare 2018 to 60 years ago, 1958! Style, technology, and more have changed quite a lot over time, so let’s take a look!

Driving into it, cars are a major mode of transportation for a lot of people both in 1958 and 2018. 60 ago the Bristol 406 was a luxurious car with a long body and 2 doors. It was typically built in France. In 2015, 2016, and 2017, car manufacturers had to make a change on the amounts of car emissions. As the newest edition to that end: The Tesla model 3 is coming out in mid-2018 with an SUV form. In 1958, who would ever think that we would have cars driven by electricity in 60 years?

In clothing, we see a huge difference between 2018 and 1958. At the present moment, we love being comfortable, and that is a goal! Athletic clothing, business-casual wear, simple dresses, shirts, jeans, and accessories are what you will see people wearing these days. 1958 was a whole other story! Day to day, fancy patterns were used, ladies wore tight and posh dresses, and men would wear ties, slacks, dress shoes, and even more!  

We love using phones (a lot)! But 60 years back, things were a little bit more complex. For the phone in 1958, there were three components. The big, slender modulator, the receiver, and the telephone cord. Only one person can talk on the phone per line. Now, in 2018, we use smartphones, which are very compact, and easy to use! We can play games, do work, text, listen to music, watch videos, and of course make calls on them!

People have made many awesome inventions over the years. 1958 was a year filled with experimenting with new items and making something completely different out of them! The integrated circuit, lasers, and hula hoops came out in 1958. Since 2018 started not so long ago.. there are some potential things that we might see, but not for sure; self driving trucks and cars, new technology, and more advanced identification tactics.

If it was possible to go back in time, we would see so many other things in 1958 that have evolved and simplified in 2018. Reflecting on the past could bring changes in the way you see things and.