By: Jake Haysley

The Pin Oak Basketball Team finished the season off strong, sweeping the competition away. The team was determined to go to their full potential this year and it surely payed off, making them one of the top teams in their division (Division 2).

The new 7th grade boy recruits brought a fear on the court to the competition. They had their ups and downs this year but came out strong, finishing great for their rookie season with only 2 losses.

The 7th grade girl recruits put a hole in the competition not giving in to the thought of defeat. The girls left the crowd with a jaw dropping performances and out of this world talent. Best of luck for future games Chargers!

The 8th grade boys destroyed the court once again and owned the game. Their determination really showed this year, leaving them at one of the highest ranks in Division 2. The players feel for the game helped them to victory even when they were down by a couple of points. Great season and best of luck in high school!

The 8th grade girls didn’t sweat this season for the 2nd year in a row. They gave some of the greatest effort this season that Chargers have ever seen. The players rolled over all other competition and won’t forget this one. The players’ eager performance on the court brought home nothing but victories. Great job Chargers and best of luck in high school!